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Eat Last was created to GIVE, to help, and to serve - simple as that. There's no money ever taken from this fund if it's not to help those that need it, or serve people who deserve it.


Eat Last Co is a sister company to Alpha Forward, which is also owned by founder, Evan Childs. Through profit sharing, EAT LAST is completely funded through the sales of Alpha Forward clothing.

The money within our fund is not directed to one sector but to many organizations that help and serve others. You’ll find many non-profits have one sector they contribute to, but we want to be able to use the money in a broad spectrum of things/people that need it. Some areas that we focus on specifically are:

  • Local organizations that help our Tampa Bay community

  • Mental Health organizations

  • Help for families with kids in need.


This doesn’t mean we are limited to the above, it just means it’s what we connect to the most! We are open to any avenues that pop up and allow us to give and serve.


See our “HELP US HELP” tab for more info.

The hope behind Eat Last is to inspire others to serve in the capacity they are able. Whether that be one small gesture, or a bigger act of kindness.

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