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A Simple Name
with a deep meaning

Leadership, Servanthood & Love

While I chowed down on my dinner as a kid, I never understood why my mom was always waiting around to make her plate til we all (6 kids total) had sat down with ours. Now I do. Her EATING LAST, was her showing her love, and her being a selfless leader.

My dad was a pillar of leadership in each community that I was apart of growing up. Although, not in the physical “eating last" sense that I had seen with my mom (the guy loved hot food), I was able to see my dad selflessly give his time and love to the community through his pastoral and coaching rolls. He’s remembered as being a man that embodied true leadership, servanthood, and love.


I truly believe servanthood and giving is what truly fulfills. If you’ve ever put yourself in a position to GIVE rather than GET, then you understand this. My parents instilled this in me from a very young age and it has truly shaped the woman that I am. Real leaders don’t believe the world revolves around them. Real leadership is caring more about those to the left and right of you.. something I saw my parents do consistently. 


A Force For Good

From the inception of EAT LAST, I knew I didn’t want to brand the company to one category of service. I wanted to allow ourselves every opportunity to help in many sectors, and I’m proud to say we do this!


A simple name with a deep meaning, EAT LAST CO is a testament to both of my parent’s influence on not only me, but to our community, and I wanted to create this non-profit to honor them while also impacting others to serve one another humbly in love in whatever capacity they are able.

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