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Hey yall.. I'm Evan Childs.

A 30 year old from South Carolina that was transplanted to Tampa, Florida in 2013. With a heart for serving others through any avenue I can, Eat Last was put on my heart to see to fruition. I always knew I wanted to run a simple non profit. One where I could give freely, with no limitations, or demographics. There's something about being the legs of a non profit that fills up my cup.

What's my day to day job? I'm the owner of an online training business that is geared to help women become the best versions of themselves mentally and physically. I've been coaching the ALPHA FEMALE program for almost 5 years now and it's a dream come true.

I also own the clothing company- Alpha Forward Lifestyle. A clothing line dedicated to being bold with positive messaging. AFWD gives a percentage of it's profit to Eat Last Co, and will continue to do so.

I'm so excited to see what EAT LAST will be able to do, and the lives it could potentially change one kind act at a time.